Thursday, October 27, 2011

City Slickers in Farm Land

Cheree and I have found that our spontaneous days turn out to be the greatest adventures!We had no idea when we set off for a simple supply run that we would find a wonderful treasure right in our back yard!

In search of vintage Christmas items, we found an ad for old sleds, grabbed the phone number and hit the road to buy paint.

and this is what we were blessed with along the way!  Beautiful horses, valleys,

old barns, twisty roads and beautiful Fall colors.

When we hit our sled destination, we were shocked to find that this wasn't a house at all, but a gorgeous old periwinkle barn!

Lori, the owner, opened the barn doors and we felt like we were in the scene of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"  when the kids get their first sight of the chocolate waterfall and the candy trees! 

Where we expected a tractor and some hay, we found a treasure chest of antiques! Silly us, we only brought enough cash for our sleds, which may have ended up to be a good thing!  We may have emptied our bank account in here!   

Oh yeah, the things we came for.  Cool old sleds for our vintage Winter Wonderland theme.  This is  Lori, the owner Dutch Hill Barn in Snohomish , WA.  She would love some visitors, but make sure you call first!  We had not anticipated a day like this at all, and we are thrilled to meet a new friend to share our appreciation of old stuff. Even though my high-heeled boots kepy sinking in the muddy grass!

Lori's parting words to us......."Don't wear your city slicker clothes next time you visit!"

We will be back!

Go explore this week for inspiration.

Jill and Cheree

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