Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tulips & Burlap

It doesn't get much better than this!
Every Spring the Mount Vernon Valley explodes
with an abundance of color....
Daffodils and tulips
can be seen for miles and it is breathtaking!
I just snapped this with my phone, so the quality isn't great,
but you get the gist.

Susan and I soaking up the beauty of the fields and some vitamin D!

After a day of play, I took on a little project that took me

out of my comfort zone.

I purchased a little telephone table, painted it (of course)

and decided it needed a little something.

A pillow?


However, I have very limited sewing skills.

I can mend a tear and sew a button back on,

but that's pretty much it.

I don't own a sewing machine.

What's a girl to do?

I was on a budget and had limited skills...

so I decided to go shopping for fabric and ask the experts!

I fell in love with a burlap fabric at Joanne Fabrics

and was convinced that I was up to the task, even if

I didn't have all the right tools.

I started with an old throw pillow from my daughter's

childhood bedding. Because I knew the burlap wasn't completely non-see-through,

I covered the old pillow (which was bright turquoise, white and teal) 

with one of our dark brown pillow cases.

After sewing that closed, I measured out my burlap.

This first pillow I made measured 14" x 14",
so I cut a piece of burlap that measured 14-1/4 x 28-1/2".


Plan on a little extra so you can come in just a bit when securing your sides.

I also planned on folding in the last opening so it would "strengthen" my seem,

and allowing a little extra on the end enabled me to do this.

Next, I folded the rectangular piece of fabric in half (print side in, so

basically inside out).

Next, I took pins I had from a previous craft project and

pinned the sides together, leaving the end

opposite of the fold open so that I could stuff the pillow in

snug after I was done sewing the sides together.

Why pin the sides?

Pinning before sewing will allow you to have straight lines

because you thread along the pins....and without this step

I probably would end up with a lop-sided pillow!

Then, I took my needle and thread (wishing of course that I owned

a sewing machine) and sewed up the sides.

Here's a close up. (I'm horrible at tutorials, I know!).

After the sides were sewn and the pins were removed,

I turned the fabric "right side out" ...so the print

was showing... and stuffed the throw pillow in through the open end.

Next, I folded the edges of the open end in on each other and

sewed the end closed.
I know I'm making this sound complicated, but it wasn't...


Although my finger tips were so sore after I made

the first one, I went and made another because the first sold

right after I brought it into Faded.

I'm savin' up for an inexpensive sewing machine.

I think I'm addicted!

Have a great week!


Friday, April 19, 2013

Birthday Week

My how the week has flown by!
We celebrated my son's 14th birthday
last Saturday and went to see the movie, "42".
Loved it! 
Go see it!
He saved up for his first bass and after countless trips to Guitar Center,
he decided on this one.
I can't believe he is 14 already...
he's our youngest, but yet he towers over almost
our entire family (catching up with his dad!).
Then, my birthday was on Monday and my feet haven't
touched the ground since!
I wish I could say I was celebrating all week, but
I'd be lying~
It's been so busy at Faded, I think all of the dealers are
ready for a vacation!
After what seemed like weeks of shopping,
I managed to finally find the perfect accessories to fill up
the white hutch!

These "birds of paradise" dishes are so pretty with their
blue and cream pattern...love them!

My friend Katie, of Inspired By Ellee, and I are 'neighbors'
at Faded Elegance and we (she - I helped by holding the ladder lol)
 put up a ladder spanning our two spaces last night.
 It looks awesome!

I snagged a quick before pic of an antique telephone table.

I threw together a little Paris-inspired look with a handmade
burlap pillow (note to self: by a sewing machine...my fingertips are trashed!)
 and a coat of MMS paint (typewriter) to give it a very chic look.

I don't know if it's been all of these projects, the monotonous rain,
or the fact I spent yesterday touring the
University of Washington Campus with a bunch of eighth grade students,
but I am so completely
grateful it is Friday...
I'm going to go take up residence on my cozy couch for the rest of the evening~
Have a blessed weekend!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Bits and Bobbles

Spring Break has come and gone and we are headed
straight into birthdays, baseball and more birthdays.
Here's how the last few weeks have gone...
Easter weekend was absolutely heaven and we took
a day to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms in full
bloom on University of Washington campus.

It was also my husband's birthday!

It was at the top of these stairs, outside the UW music building,
almost 20 years ago,
where we used to meet in between classes!
We started taking the kids to the UW campus when they were little
to visit and it's something that we all enjoy doing.
Who knows...they may just end up there too someday!
I managed to take a few detours throughout Spring Breaks
family activities to enjoy some junkin'.
My space has changed so much over my first month

And, what would Spring Break be without a
few furniture make-overs?
Here's a before shot of a vanity I scooped up.

For this piece I used Maison Blanche Le Craie - Antique Blue

I also used a little gold leaf on the detailed borders.

My sweet little niece, Raya,
came to stay with us while visiting from Pullman.
Isn't she a cutie?
My friend Susan took us to see her neighbor's farm.
It did not disappoint...
chickens, a new lamb and mama...
fun adventure!

And, of course, let's not forget going from
park to park to find just the right "bars".
This girl should be a gymnast!
A treat of key lime cookies and frosting were a hit too!

Another project in the mix...

I used Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint-

Some more "new" digs at Faded...


It was an awesome month for everyone at Faded
and so much new merchandise has come in.
Days are getting longer and there's nothin' like stroll through
 Historic Downtown Snohomish!
Come stop in!

Have a fantastic week!