Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Lots of changes happening for With A Twist!

I recently decided to focus on requests for custom painted

cabinetry and custom painted furniture.

Knowing I couldn't keep up with

my space at Faded Elegance and fulfill requests,

I made the difficult decision to leave Faded.

I will always be a HUGE fan of Faded and told Kimberly to keep

me in mind if she ever needed extra help with events.

I met a lot of wonderful people during my three years there as a dealer,

and formed friendships that are dear to me.

It really is the very best antique mall ever!

So, I wrapped up a couple custom jobs and the move yesterday,

leaving the afternoon to clean out my garage. I had very little 'leftovers'

from my space at Faded, and was thrilled that the one piece of furniture that

did come back with me was one that I already had plans for in my messy garage.

I wish I had taken a before pic of the mess, but I'm sure it looks like

most garages, therefore I will spare you!

This is the "drop off" area in the garage..

you know the one... Every piece of sporting equipment,

dirty uniform, muddy pair of shoes and excess clutter lands here.

BUT no more, at least not now! (Check back in a month

when we are knee deep in baseball season).

All sporting equipment is to the right of this pic,

racks for balls and hooks for bags.

And, I put the cabinet I painted to good use!

I love having all my paint in one spot. Now that the

weather is warming up, I will go back to painting out in the

garage and this cabinet is right next to a work table. Perfect access!

It took me the entire afternoon to finish the clean up so I stopped for the

night and I continued where I left off after the kids and husband left

for school and work the next morning. I took to the inside and

began washing my wood floors in the entryway and then continued

into the laundry room, after which I felt the

need to reward myself with a trip to my new favorite happy place~

Beachglass Interiors by K.Miller.

Have I mentioned just how much I love this shop?

It is so inspiring and inviting, and I always leave with a little something.

(This is also where you can buy my favorite chalk based paint,

Vintage Market & Design).

I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for when I arrived at Beachglass,

but I was hoping to find some floor rugs to protect my newly washed floors!

 All of mine were shot and I figured I hadn't bought new ones in a

good three or four years (gross).

That's a lot of doggie paws and people traffic!

Krista Miller (Beachglass owner) did NOT disappoint and I came home with

a healthy obsession for Chilewich rugs :)

Here's a peek-

These are the woven indoor/outdoor style and although they look like a

fabric rug, they are made of vinyl, which I thought would be strange

but I love them. AND, get this...

hose them off when they get dirty! No more freaking out when 

coffee spills or a dog has an accident. No more wear and tear on your 

washer and dryer. They are also resistant to mold and mildew.

So simple to care for and they look like a 'real' rug.

On a side note, I also bought a jar of "Raven" (dark grey) VM paint,

so I can make-over our bench here. It's only been three years or so

since I last painted it, but I am so over all of the sage green in our home and 

want to update, like yesterday. This make-over will be done ASAP now that

I have finally decided on a color!

Onto the laundry room-

Another project I will be finishing is 

painting this room. I started it before Thanksgiving, 

and then well, you distracted.

Feeling pretty accomplished after the move, finishing some Spring cleaning,

and finding the perfect floor rugs (cue applause).

It's the little things that make a girl happy :)



P.S. Again, here's the link to the store where you can find these rugs.
Remember to support small businesses in your community
and avoid shopping on line when you can. You can't beat the personal
service with small shops...and you won't be stuck paying shipping!
Beachglass by K.Miller, located in Mukilteo, Washington