Thursday, October 6, 2011

Art With A Past

One of the things we love about doing what we do is discovering the stories that come along with each old treasure we find.  Sometimes, its impossible for us to know where the item came from, so we take the liberty to daydream about what life must have been like when it was in its prime.  For instance, this Turn of the Century side table we recently found.  Someone took good care of her, as she has just a few minor scratches.  And, at over 100-years-old, I suspect it has heard some pretty great conversations!

This beauty was created in our minds before it became reality.  We found the base (in all its rusted glory) at a yard sale a couple weeks back.  We told Jill's husband, Kevin, what our desires were for this piece and he made it happen.  The top is constructed out of wood salvaged from a home in Whidbey Island, Washington.  The picture really doesn't do it justice.  Kevin did an awesome job!

A familiar site if you've been reading our blog lately.  An old rickety ladder that has seen better days, still manages to serve a purpose.  Displaying a coffee table tray, upcycled from a cupboard door that salvaged from a home in Snohomish County.  I am fascinated by all of the different colors of paint on the ladder and wonder just how many houses were painted or gutters were cleaned with its help!

The seller of this desk had fond memories of this piece and I could tell it was hard for him to let it go.  Since his early childhood, he could remember his mother sitting down at this desk to write letters. The natural wear on the inside is perfect and Jill and I just love it in our space at Faded Elegance.

Sometimes, we create our own stories and pasts collide.  This upcycled chalkboard is a perfect example of that. This is another cupboard door that was brown and boring.  No back history on it, but the wide flat surface at the bottom lent itself to a transfer opportunity.  We love anything with a bit of French flair, so we thought this would work well as a menu board in a kitchen.  Bon appetit!  

This box is barely recognizable from its original state.  Jill used Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint (Paris Grey) for the base and then used the pencil-transfer method for the label on top.  The possibilities are endless for this favorite... storage for handwritten letters!  I'm a hopeless romantic :)

So, whether its by divine design or a simple story that fuels our inspiration, we love doing what we do!  Thank you again for all of your support!  With A Twist is 'Art With A Past'!


Cheree and Jill

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