Monday, April 14, 2014

Fruits of Labor

Spring cleaning inside (check)...

Spring cleaning outside...

in progress.

I may not have any nails left (because I refuse am too lazy to put on gloves), 

but I have made a very small dent in cleaning up the mess 

Winter left behind in our yard.

My most favorite thing about Spring is that it brings

the fragrance of sweet jasmine.

My mother-in-law bought me a jasmine tree years ago

and I wait with anticipation for it to bloom each year.

I chose to plant it by our family room/kitchen nook windows

so the scent permeates the entire house.

We have many flowerbeds throughout our yard.

This is a blessing and a curse at times because up until this year

I struggled with what to plant where

Now that I have gone and really been selective with 

With A Twist projects, I have had more time to play around and 

explore gardening...and I am making much better choices!

For instance, I am no longer using annuals throughout the entire yard

(but will continue to use them in my hanging baskets and planters).

Note to my husband...if you are really reading this blog post,

you should come ask me how this will save us money next year...

(bet you $100 he will not come and ask me!).

Here is a shot of  the back corner of our yard,

where I have started a shade garden.  

Eventually, the hostas will fill out and the astilbe will

sprout white feathery blooms.

In addition, my son will be staining the fence this summer.

This shade garden will be a corner of tranquility :)

Next up I planted my flowerbed below our family room windows.

A little sparse to start off this season, but these perennials

will be lush by mid-summer. My fingers are crossed that the

foxglove (a new plant for me) will still be blooming when we

throw my daughter's high school graduation party in June.

The spurge (new plant for me) has chartreuse petals with dark purple throats.

Out of this shot, but flanking these plants are a deep 

purple-blue columbine (another new one for me).

I finished two of my planters for our front porch last week, and 

they have already filled in since this pic.

It doesn't seem like a lot of progress, but you didn't see the hours

of weeding it took to prep for planting.

Take my word for it, it was ugly...Winter took its tole!

It's been such a wet start to the season,

I've had to dodge the raindrops and work when it is dry.

I am a fair-weather gardener, but I do love

sitting back and enjoying my fruits of labor!

Rosemary crisps, a little Beecher's cheese

and a bottle of Scuttlebutt..

not figure friendly by any means, but a treat for sure!

I will be back with more gardening and hopefully

a completed bed and nightstand painting project next time.

Until then, happy planting!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Lots of changes happening for With A Twist!

I recently decided to focus on requests for custom painted

cabinetry and custom painted furniture.

Knowing I couldn't keep up with

my space at Faded Elegance and fulfill requests,

I made the difficult decision to leave Faded.

I will always be a HUGE fan of Faded and told Kimberly to keep

me in mind if she ever needed extra help with events.

I met a lot of wonderful people during my three years there as a dealer,

and formed friendships that are dear to me.

It really is the very best antique mall ever!

So, I wrapped up a couple custom jobs and the move yesterday,

leaving the afternoon to clean out my garage. I had very little 'leftovers'

from my space at Faded, and was thrilled that the one piece of furniture that

did come back with me was one that I already had plans for in my messy garage.

I wish I had taken a before pic of the mess, but I'm sure it looks like

most garages, therefore I will spare you!

This is the "drop off" area in the garage..

you know the one... Every piece of sporting equipment,

dirty uniform, muddy pair of shoes and excess clutter lands here.

BUT no more, at least not now! (Check back in a month

when we are knee deep in baseball season).

All sporting equipment is to the right of this pic,

racks for balls and hooks for bags.

And, I put the cabinet I painted to good use!

I love having all my paint in one spot. Now that the

weather is warming up, I will go back to painting out in the

garage and this cabinet is right next to a work table. Perfect access!

It took me the entire afternoon to finish the clean up so I stopped for the

night and I continued where I left off after the kids and husband left

for school and work the next morning. I took to the inside and

began washing my wood floors in the entryway and then continued

into the laundry room, after which I felt the

need to reward myself with a trip to my new favorite happy place~

Beachglass Interiors by K.Miller.

Have I mentioned just how much I love this shop?

It is so inspiring and inviting, and I always leave with a little something.

(This is also where you can buy my favorite chalk based paint,

Vintage Market & Design).

I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for when I arrived at Beachglass,

but I was hoping to find some floor rugs to protect my newly washed floors!

 All of mine were shot and I figured I hadn't bought new ones in a

good three or four years (gross).

That's a lot of doggie paws and people traffic!

Krista Miller (Beachglass owner) did NOT disappoint and I came home with

a healthy obsession for Chilewich rugs :)

Here's a peek-

These are the woven indoor/outdoor style and although they look like a

fabric rug, they are made of vinyl, which I thought would be strange

but I love them. AND, get this...

hose them off when they get dirty! No more freaking out when 

coffee spills or a dog has an accident. No more wear and tear on your 

washer and dryer. They are also resistant to mold and mildew.

So simple to care for and they look like a 'real' rug.

On a side note, I also bought a jar of "Raven" (dark grey) VM paint,

so I can make-over our bench here. It's only been three years or so

since I last painted it, but I am so over all of the sage green in our home and 

want to update, like yesterday. This make-over will be done ASAP now that

I have finally decided on a color!

Onto the laundry room-

Another project I will be finishing is 

painting this room. I started it before Thanksgiving, 

and then well, you distracted.

Feeling pretty accomplished after the move, finishing some Spring cleaning,

and finding the perfect floor rugs (cue applause).

It's the little things that make a girl happy :)



P.S. Again, here's the link to the store where you can find these rugs.
Remember to support small businesses in your community
and avoid shopping on line when you can. You can't beat the personal
service with small shops...and you won't be stuck paying shipping!
Beachglass by K.Miller, located in Mukilteo, Washington

Friday, February 28, 2014


BIG BIG SALE in my dealer space (dealer #9) at

Faded Elegance!

I just brought a load of new treasures and spruced up yesterday, so

make a day of it and head down this weekend!

Happy Friday!!!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Vintage Market & Design Furniture Paint

I'm having a little love affair
with a NEW...
paint line
You can read all about it

Top Five Reasons I adore this line:

  1. Price - Less expensive than any other brand out on the market.
  2. Drying time-I paint a ton of furniture and the shorter drying time helps me increase my productivity.
  3. Durability-This dries harder than any other paint, which is KEY when customers really are looking for something that will stand the test of time.
  4. Wax-Goes on smoothly and leaves NO fingerprints.
  5. Safe - Non toxic, no odor, low VOC
Oh, and it's made in the USA (I know, that's (6), but I could keep going...really).

So, are you wondering how the paint looks?

Check out this vanity I pulled out of an old barn.

This darling was so sad and in need of a good

scrub and facelift.

Nearby behind an old cabinet was the mirror (also in need of TLC).

I wiped it down really well to remove years of dirt and grime,
but other than that there was no
need to prime or sand (this is another reason to love this paint).

This beautiful color is 'Twig'.

I finished this piece (including sanding, waxing and
changing out the hardware) in about two hours.

I love the way it came out, but it needed a seat.

I had an old chair kicking around in the garage,
so I put a new fabric on the seat and painted it
to match the mirrored vanity.

It turned out to be a great accent piece, but
it wasn't a perfect fit.

I had my parents visiting this weekend, and my
dad pointed out that although it looked nice,
you couldn't fit the chair in close to the vanity.
Leave it to him to be so practical :).
So I went junkin and found a smaller seat.
I redid the cushion, painted the legs and brought it
all into Faded Elegance today.

It all ties in together now (thanks Dad for the suggestion)!

If you are interested in checking out this new paint by Vintage Market & Design,
you can visit this darling store in Mukilteo called Beach Glass Interiors.

You can read about the brains and beauty behind the scenes at Beach Glass

Please stop in and tell her I sent you!


Monday, January 13, 2014


The rain, wind and dark days can get to you 
(even if you are like me and really don't mind them).
This past weekend we had a cluster of those days back to back,
and I spent most of my time at home enjoying every bit.


It sounds silly, but I surround myself with things that make
Winter cozy and a little less dreary.

These are a few of my favorite things..

Favorite Warm-Up: Earl Grey Tea
My favorite brand is Stash. Their Double Bergamot
Earl Grey is mild and perfectly calming.

Favorite Movie: The Holiday
I'm not joking when I say I have probably watched this
ten times in the past month. I have it on while I'm cooking or doing 
stuff around the house and I just love everything about it.

Favorite Throw: Soft Heat Micro fleece Electric Throw
My mom bought this for me years ago and I 
rarely go an evening without cranking up the temp
and snuggling down. (I even use it in the summer!)

Favorite Author: Jen Lancaster
I must admit that I find very little time to sit down and read,
but when I do this is just one of my favorite authors. 
I tend to stay with lighthearted reads and gravitate 
to authors who have a flair for humor.
Jen Lancaster is hysterical and I can't wait 
for her upcoming release shown below!

Favorite Soundtrack: The Holiday
One of my Christmas presents from Keith and the kids this year
was this soundtrack. I love having music on when I am rearranging
and straightening up the house. This soundtrack was a must while I took down all 
of the Christmas decorations. 
(I finally got it all packed away yesterday!)

Favorite Slow Cooker Recipe: Potato Chowder
I use my slow cooker throughout the year, but more so in the Winter.
This is comfort food and not something I make too often (it definitely NOT figure friendly!), but it is a family favorite for sure! My daughter
is a vegetarian, so I make the base of the soup and have small bowls
of bacon, chives and cheddar cheese so everyone can add what they want.

Potato Chowder 
8 Cups diced potatoes
1/3 Cup chopped onion
3 (14.5 oz) cans chicken broth
1 (10 ¾ oz.) condensed cream of chicken soup
¼ teaspoon pepper
1 (8 oz) package of cream cheese, diced (I find if it is room temperature it
blends better)
½ lb. sliced bacon, cooked and crumbled (I use a whole package of bacon ~
bad I know, but soooo good)
Snipped chives
In a slow cooker, combine the first five ingredients. Cover and cook on low
8 to 10 hours, or until potatoes are tender. Add cream cheese and stir
until blended. Garnish with bacon and chives.
 Recipe Credit: Bonnie Ellis (Thank you! XOXO)
Favorite Magazine: Country Living
I look forward to each new issue and can always find a ton of inspiration! 
That being said,
I wish I could get my hands on a subscription to 
the British edition. I was lucky enough 
to inherit a friend's 
very large British collection from years past (years and years worth!) 
and they are lovely!
Favorite Pastime: Painting Furniture
Even during the Winter months, I enjoy painting. There is something about seeing a piece of old outdated furniture come to life with something as simple as a coat of paint. 
Favorite Luxury: Lollia Foaming Bath
Loading furniture in and out of the car, rearranging it to fit it all in at
can leave a girl in need of a long soak in a hot bath. My favorite bubble bath is by Lollia.
I hide it from everyone in the family because it's a luxury and treat (for me)!
Favorite Lounge wear: PJ Salvage
On most days, I live in tattered sweats and paint-splattered clothing.
However, I love a cozy pair of pajamas just like any other girl. 
I coveted these for weeks and when i had a great stretch of sales, 
I treated myself.
An early Valentine's Day 'from' hubby perhaps? 
They are so cozy! 
You can find them at 
Favorite Snuggle-Buddy: Barley (aka Bar-man)
This is our 8-year-old Pomeranian. He is my buddy and follows
me around the house when he isn't 'guarding' the house via the back of
the couch that sits up against our living room window. I have neighbors
come up and say they get a kick out of him barking like a mad dog when
they walk by the house. Regardless of his neurotic behavior, he is the best snuggler!
So, grab your dog or cat and make give them some TLC...they will love you for it!
So, when the Winter weather is bringing you down, try giving
any of my favorite things a try to brighten your mood.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Please ignore the fact that I have neglected the blogging world for over a month.
Decorating for the holidays is well, let's just that I should probably hire out in the future (or be put on medication). I'm obsessed with rearranging ornaments on the tree. I love how it looks when I am done, but it could take days (or weeks). The shopping and wrapping presents, trying to squeeze in
every December tradition into two weeks of Winter break, holiday baking, hosting
Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner, keeping up my space at Faded,
entertaining guests, and staying up late and sleeping in
were some of the other reasons I was kept away!

I thoroughly enjoyed them all (minus the tree thing) :)

Before I face the fact that it is January 2014 and in six short months my first born will be graduating high school, let's take a moment to recap some of With A Twist projects in 2013...

This year, this was the one I struggled the most with selling...
I wanted to keep it!

Painted my first gossip chair and telephone table.

One thing's for sure, there were a lot of fun projects.
To sum it up, it was a year that challenged me to balance running my own business, along
with staying connected and involved with my growing-up-ever-so-fast-teenagers.
I am grateful that we managed to build in a family vacation (may have been the last one before
our daughter heads off to college this fall), that we all are healthy, and that I still remain passionate
about doing something that allows me to be a mom, a wife and a business owner.

Thank you for being a part of it.

Good-bye 2013 and cheers to 2014!