Monday, April 14, 2014

Fruits of Labor

Spring cleaning inside (check)...

Spring cleaning outside...

in progress.

I may not have any nails left (because I refuse am too lazy to put on gloves), 

but I have made a very small dent in cleaning up the mess 

Winter left behind in our yard.

My most favorite thing about Spring is that it brings

the fragrance of sweet jasmine.

My mother-in-law bought me a jasmine tree years ago

and I wait with anticipation for it to bloom each year.

I chose to plant it by our family room/kitchen nook windows

so the scent permeates the entire house.

We have many flowerbeds throughout our yard.

This is a blessing and a curse at times because up until this year

I struggled with what to plant where

Now that I have gone and really been selective with 

With A Twist projects, I have had more time to play around and 

explore gardening...and I am making much better choices!

For instance, I am no longer using annuals throughout the entire yard

(but will continue to use them in my hanging baskets and planters).

Note to my husband...if you are really reading this blog post,

you should come ask me how this will save us money next year...

(bet you $100 he will not come and ask me!).

Here is a shot of  the back corner of our yard,

where I have started a shade garden.  

Eventually, the hostas will fill out and the astilbe will

sprout white feathery blooms.

In addition, my son will be staining the fence this summer.

This shade garden will be a corner of tranquility :)

Next up I planted my flowerbed below our family room windows.

A little sparse to start off this season, but these perennials

will be lush by mid-summer. My fingers are crossed that the

foxglove (a new plant for me) will still be blooming when we

throw my daughter's high school graduation party in June.

The spurge (new plant for me) has chartreuse petals with dark purple throats.

Out of this shot, but flanking these plants are a deep 

purple-blue columbine (another new one for me).

I finished two of my planters for our front porch last week, and 

they have already filled in since this pic.

It doesn't seem like a lot of progress, but you didn't see the hours

of weeding it took to prep for planting.

Take my word for it, it was ugly...Winter took its tole!

It's been such a wet start to the season,

I've had to dodge the raindrops and work when it is dry.

I am a fair-weather gardener, but I do love

sitting back and enjoying my fruits of labor!

Rosemary crisps, a little Beecher's cheese

and a bottle of Scuttlebutt..

not figure friendly by any means, but a treat for sure!

I will be back with more gardening and hopefully

a completed bed and nightstand painting project next time.

Until then, happy planting!