Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vintage Liquor Cabinet Gets Second Life

When Cheree and I came upon a rough beauty this week, we both agreed it was the perfect canvas to create a new life! It was obviously well-loved and well-used and we were able to get a good sense of it's life story by taking a good look and the clues.........

Broken trim pieces tell us that it was in a place that people gathered and bumped it, or that it moved often.

Extreme wear on the feet might suggest that it probably lived on a hardwood floor. 

We counted over 15 water ring stains on the top, so this cabinet was definitely used as a bar at some point,

But given the glitter glue and children's stickers on the door, it could have been a toy cabinet at one point, too!

We admired the intricate hinge system that folded back the top into a glass serving bar.

And with it's unique internal architecture, we were curious what decade this cabinet was constructed in. 

After a good cleaning, I thought I was on to the easy part......painting and sanding.

But, the weird combination of dark grey, light grey and brown wood created a strange, hideous result. One of my daughters said it looked like a Liger, a cross between a tiger and a lion. My other daughter called it a Sasquatch ( we ARE in Washington State, home of the infamous Bigfoot), and my youngest daughter just shook her head "No".

Yikes! If wood could grow fur, this might be the look!

So I reached for the trusty Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey and achieved a more desirable look.  You seriously can't go wrong.

And here she is with our vintage repurposed oil lamp and vintage decanter.  Not looking so furry anymore!

Here's a peek at the other awesome new item in our vendor space........
Our new Armoire painted in French Linen Chalk Paint.

This week reminded us that anything is salvageable, it just might take a couple of tries.  With paint, there's not many ways you can go wrong, so just dig in and see what happens! 

Jill and Cheree 

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  1. the second life of the vintage liquor cabinet is so great! looks more better than a new one.