Saturday, October 26, 2013


Why must my favorite month of the year fly by so quickly?

The cooler foggy mornings give way to glimpses of 

bright oranges, reds and yellows against the grey skies.

Hearty soups and pumpkin spice lattes.

Warm fuzzy sweaters, boots and scarves.

Are you with me?

I've been immersed in the season and have been enjoying every minute.

I hope you are too!

On the business front, I am gathering and creating new items

for the change over of my space at Faded Elegance.

Faded will be closed to the public on Monday, November 4th 

so all dealers can create dazzling displays for the start of the 

holiday shopping season.

Part of my fun this season has been involved in the making

of these reclaimed wood signs shown below.

I selected my favorite quotes that fill me with that

warm and cozy feeling and made them into signs.

My dad helped by framing them with fence wood that I've

been collecting.

I think I have mentioned before my dad is someone

who can make just about anything!

He does an awesome job, don't ya think?

Tomorrow is Sunday and for that I am so thankful!

I am sleeping in!



Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Recovering from an amazing party thrown by

Kimberly, of Faded Elegance.

The 20% off Anniversary Sale lasted throughout the weekend, 

and ended Monday.

What a great way to thank her customers!

The food, decor, store, drinks and prizes were flowing!

Jill, Kimberly, Me and Katie
(Photo credit: Faded Elegance)

Whenever we are heading into a big event, I try to bring in 

something new that I have never brought in before.

This time around (thanks to a friend who shares my passion for 'junkin')

I brought in a ton of rusty old goodness.

Can you hear me squeal with delight?

These were found up in an old rickety, dark barn.

I'd have to say that this is a haul I am most excited about...

mostly because I got to hear the wonderful heartfelt stories

about these pieces....their past life.

The milk jugs are from the days when the owner (now well into his 60's) used to
wake up at 4:00 am to milk the cows before school.

The array of cowbells came from a large collection of various 
types of bells. This farm used to raise goats, cows and pigs.

I have to do some research on these little bells here, but there are 
intricate markings on a few that lead me to think they might have
their own story to tell.

I can't help thinking of the Saturday Night Live skit with Will Ferrell.

You know, "I need MORE COWBELL!"

I love the rope that ties three of these cool shaped bells together.

I think I giggled when I saw these at the bottom of an old box.

I have seen these before in stores, but never before with their

original leather. I love that they are slightly tattered.

So, after I cleaned off most of the dirt and cobwebs, I lugged it all in

and set it up for the big anniversary sale.  Here's how that went...

This cute little wind chime was handmade from a little bell and a tiny horseshoe.

The roped bells accented my chippy door perfectly.

The wood crates I brought in really filled up the space, so it was
really all about accessorizing with all the other treasures.

I brought in some more Eastlake side chairs too.

I stenciled each of them with graphics from The Graphics Fairy.

I used the transfer method that works with freezer paper.

The tutorial on the Graphics Fairy website worked 

perfectly. Just remember to follow each step, including the last one, which

is to burnish the image onto the fabric.

I also brought in a few other items...

This hobnail lamp and antique gold frames set off the 

glassware nicely. The frames have a stamp on the back 

that reads, "Made exclusively in Italy for Nordstrom".

How cool is that?

So, that's my venture with cowbells and flapper girls!

I hope to leave you with some Autumnal inspiration!