Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Is Here!

I am lucky enough to be a part of one of the best gift and home decor stores in the Pacific Northwest.  Nest Home & Gifts has been my home away from home for over six years and when I heard Susan, (my very good friend and owner of Nest), was bringing in Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, I was tickled pink!  It arrived just last week and I rushed down to buy my three favorite colors: Typewriter (black), Shutter Gray and Ironstone (white).  Since I am also a dealer at Faded Elegance, a fabulous antique store in Snohomish, I always have old furniture on hand awaiting a new transformation.  For over a year now, I have been using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to make-over my furniture pieces.  It is a wonderful product and I really do love it.  However, like many of you, I am always on the lookout for something new and different.  

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint

(in a nut shell)

The major differences I found between milk paint and chalk paint are 1) The milk paint comes in a powder form.  Mix the powder with warm water, using the recommended measurements.  2) Milk paint is a bit more temperamental than chalk paint.  This is a great characteristic if you ask me!  If you desire a more consistent coverage, mix MMS Bonding Agent directly into your paint.  If you don't mind the chippy look, apply the paint without the bonding agent.  Pay close attention to the surface you are painting.  For example, you are more likely to have a chippy result if you are painting a piece with a high-gloss finish, or a previously painted or waxed surface.  As the paint dries, you will see it start to lift away from the surface, allowing the paint to chip away.   You can use a putty knife to lightly scrape away the chipping pieces of paint.  Once the loose pieces are scraped away, waxing is required to protect the piece.    

There are other products in the Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint line: Hemp Oil - for surfaces that need protection from liquids; Antique Wax - tinted wax used to seal and age the piece at the same time; Crackle - to assure you get that chippy finish; and as I mentioned before...Bonding Agent - used as a primer to help your paint adhere to your surface, resulting in a more consistent solid coverage.  

The key is to have fun with the milk paint and just let it happen as it may!  Stress doesn't have a place in painting..it should be a creative release!  
It's not brain surgery, it's just paint :)

My first go at using MMSMP

The piece I started out with was a plain oak hutch that had been stained and lightly varnished.  Like chalk paint, there is no prepping needed for the wood when using milk paint, so I mixed up 1 tablespoon of powder to 1-1/2 to 2 tablespoons warm water.  I just used my paint brush to mix it up, and used a plastic drinking cup as my "vessel".  In just a few minutes I was ready to paint.

I really loved the way MMSMP adhered to the wood.  It appeared to soak into the piece and really became part of the wood.  It has been my experience that chalk paint seems to "sit" on top of the surface.  I painted a second coat that gave me the coverage that I was looking for.  As it dried, I noticed that the coverage was smooth and there was no crackling or chipping at all (which was disappointing because I wanted this piece to be chippy).  So, I waited for it to dry completely and then took a 200 grit sanding block to the areas where I wanted heavy distressing.  Like chalk paint, it sanded beautifully!  After sanding, I used an old sock to apply a thin coat of MMS Clear Wax.  I love this wax!  It really seals the paint and goes on perfectly smooth and even.  I waited approximately 15 minutes and took a "new" old sock and buffed away.  There were no fingerprints or spotty areas, yeah!

The results were awesome...

Gabrielle Chicken Wire Hutch

Available at 

Nest Home & Gifts


Once I started playing around with MMSMP, I figured why stop?

I was on a roll...

Here is a chair I found down in Oregon while on a trip with  friends, Katie and Kimberly.

I chose Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint

 Shutter Gray and also replaced they shotty fabric.

Because this was a really old piece (horse hair was the base under the padding),

I was excited to see how the milk paint would adhere to the wood.

I painted a single coat and noticed chipping...

a lot of chipping!  

It sounds cheesy, but I was squealing with delight!

I took a putty knife and scraped away the excess.

I also did some light sanding to create a silky-smooth surface.

I used clear wax to seal it all and...


My official review:

I am so impressed with Miss Mustard Seed Chalk Paint!

Luv, luv, luv!

If you are wanting to get your toes wet and play around

with user friendly paint, you can come visit or call in your order at

Nest Home & Gifts

located in Mill Creek, Washington.

Who knows, I might even be the one who takes your order!

Happy painting!



Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Too Much Of A Good Thing Can Be Wonderful

The Fall decor is up, 

the days are getting shorter, 

the down comforters are on the beds, 

and we visited our first

pumpkin patch of the season.

Life is good...

Like many moms out there,

I have been balancing a

number of things this week.

Here's a peek!

DIY/Craft Corner

I got the idea for this wreath

I made last night off Pinterest.

They are so easy and super


I have new products coming in

this week, all of which

are made from upcycled

barn wood and fences.

Stay tuned for pics!

Faded Elegance had an awesome

birthday party, celebrating

12 years!

Dealers are now gearing up for

the holiday season!

I am so excited!

This is my favorite wreath

so far, 
I am mildly obsessed with

the gray/white chevron.

You can search Pinterest to

see all kinds of different

styles, color schemes.

I found this antique bed frame

and had to pry it out of my own hands

to bring it down to my space.

I am dying to take a room in my house

and turn it into a "woman cave".

My BFF did that in her home and it

has been the best inspiration!

Don't you just love that idea?

Speaking of inspiration, whether you are

an avid Faded Elegance customer or

just enjoy
browsing for

ideas, there is an easy way to

show your love!
Please vote here to help

Faded Elegance win

Best Antique Shop

in the King 5 Best In Western

Washington Contest!

Kimberly McIlrath, Owner

is so talented and she

is the best in the biz!

Please show her your appreciation

for having such a fabulous store

for all of us to enjoy!

I bought a large lot of antiques

and this was the first to receive

my full attention.  My only regret

was having to change out the

original hardware.  It was unique and

quirky, but only half of the drawers

had them.

After a couple coats of ASCP French Linen,

some new hardware,

and some gold metallic paint on the details,

it was as good as new.

I also fell in love with this old dresser.

ASCP Graphite and clear wax

spruced it up to make me love it

even more.

  It's elegant and would

be a great addition to any space.

On The Home Front...

It's a tradition we look forward to

every year and one that

we never have missed.

A trip to the local pumpkin patch!

The rain will be returning soon, 

which will be the end to our record-breaking 

dry streak here in the Northwest. 

It was a good run...

we enjoyed it to the fullest.

Until next Spring...

or Summer :)

Too Much Of A Good Thing 
Can Be Wonderful

Those of you who live here understand!