Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Is it summer yet?  I am running out of steam as the end of the school year approaches!  The last day of school for my kids is June 27th

Crazy huh?

Memorial Day this year was spent down at my parent's new home located in the Key Peninsula.  It was my daughter's 16th birthday so we spent the day doing all of the things she enjoys, which included a visit at the Point Defiance Zoo. 

The weather was sunny and beautiful!!!

It didn't take long from the zoo to arrive at my parent's...

Located right on the water, it was breathtaking

and a welcome site after a long day.

Sunny skies, hot tub, birthday cake...what more could a kid ask for?

My parents actually have another home just right up the hill that they are selling.  Here is what it looks like...just as beautiful!

Views of the front yard and inside....
This is a spotless park model with glass windows that open to a gorgeous view of the water.

Amazing view and Beach Rights!  For sale...
This is the view from the deck and the walk down to the beach front. If you are interested in this home and property, please send me an email and I will put you in touch with my parents.

On Sunday, May 27th, we headed home, but not before stopping at

Tahoma National Cemetery.

Both my grandfather and father-in-law rest there.

We are forever grateful to them for their service, as well as to the

many other service men and women who have

served our country.

We rounded out the weekend with a


 for my son's baseball team!

They made it through the tournament ladder

and are now in the

Tournament of Champions

this weekend!


Updates this week for Faded...

A lot of family stuff this week, which I love.  I have relatives (Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Tim) who are travelling on a cruise through the North Atlantic right now.  Wishes to them for a safe and fun trip! 

I hope everyone has a blessed week!



Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Versailles Armoire and More

Exciting news! 

I brought a georgeous one-of-a-kind reclaimed piece into Nest Home & Gifts this week!


Versailles Armoire

Nest has been a strong supporter of With A Twist and has carried my products for years, but this is the first substantial piece I have brought in and I am over-the-moon excited!  

I did a custom mix of chalk paint on this piece and it turned out just the way I had hoped it would.  It is a beauty in person...solid...weighs a ton!

Six cubbies and two drawers ...stencilled by hand.

Over the weekend I spent some time down at Alki Beach and went to some estate sales.  Chanelle was away for the weekend at a friend's cabin, so it was just me and the boys.

A boy and his mom :)

Me and my husband Keith

After our yummy lunch at Spuds (the best fish and chips EVER!), I manged to drag the boys to one more estate sale and found this piece below...

Antique vanity

Like most antiques, it had some wear and tear.

One coat of ASCP (custom color) and its beauty is returned.

This would be a darling addition to a little girl's room.

It arrived in my space at Faded Elegance just yesterday!

Yes, I am aware that I forgot to remove my Starbucks cup :)

Lots of new reclaimed wood signs and furniture!

Etched glass and wood sconces.

Reclaimed ballisters now get a new life as wall sconces.
 They would be so perfect flanking a fireplace, holding some flameless candles.

Keiton helped me flip the furniture in my space and I am lovin it!

Last look at things here.  I neglected to get a pic of the back wall, but that looks fresh too with the green and white antique sideboard and the topiaries flanking a bonjour doorknob sign.

Thanks for stopping in to see all the goings-on.  Hope everyone is having a terrific week!




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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Blessings

I finally carved out an evening when Keith and I could bring this into Faded. 

I love the way it looks in its temporary home!

It's getting cozy again, so I marked a bunch of things on sale! 

I've got so much more to bring in, that I have to make some room!

Still wishin' this sideboard was living with me!

I mentioned last week that my sister and niece

were coming to town and I'm positive that

 they brought with them this beautiful weather!

So, we spent lots of time outside enjoying it!

Chanelle, my sister Chrissa, my niece Raya, my mom Vicki and Keiton.

This is my parent's backyard...we all were at their house for dinner Friday and it was just lovely.

Jean-Marie Rhody's

Lots of bunnies around usually, but I didn't mange to capture any on film.

A couple of weeks ago at my daughter's high school

track meet, there were some extra eyes on the athletes.

My son saw it first and pointed out that there was a baby bird in the nest.

And, soon we saw mama!  How cool is that?

Even with a stress fracture in her foot,

Chanelle managed to finish her first mile race!

I am so proud of her!

And, this is Keiton during one of


baseball games this season.

He's having a blast!

Even though I complain about the daily

 trips to and from track & baseball

 practices, track meets, piano lessons,

and baseball games...

I am grateful for it all.

I am grateful for

being their mom.

At almost 16-years-of-age, she is ambitious, has lofty goals and big plans...

 and knows what she wants.

She's a good kid.

At 13-years-old, he is thoughtful, kind and hardworking...and has a wicked sense of humor.

He's a good kid too!

Feeling very blessed today.

I hope you do too!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you!



Thursday, May 3, 2012

Autographed Sid Dickens Tiles!

Thursday night and we are in the homestretch for the weekend!  

I am grateful.

It's been a long week.

My sister and niece will be arriving on Saturday for some girl fun...

 (shopping, lunch, mani-pedis, etc.).

Lots of fun things planned for their stay in town.

In the meantime, did you hear the news?

Sid Dickens is releasing a new SIGNED collection of

memory blocks!



I am a huge fan of his work, but if you are new to the 'Sid world',

you can learn more about the artist and his work


I stumbled upon these when I began working at

Nest Home & Gifts

about six years ago.

Since then, my collection and obsession for

these tiles has grown.

If I had to choose just one to add to my collection,

it would have to be...


This tiny visitor,
messenger of change,
Bestirred from winter's dream
to the work of a new season,
And the passing of another page.

Nest is currently taking orders!

Hint: With Mother's Day right around the corner,

these autographed pieces of art would make a lovely gift :)

Enjoy your weekend!