Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tis The Season!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed some quality time with family and friends.  I know I did and it was wonderful!  Between the multiple food drives that both kids were involved in and their regular activities, I was ready to be done with the carpools and just enjoy everyone at home hanging out!

Because the laundry is piling up and furniture is awaiting its second coat of wax, I wanted to put up a quick post to show you what just went in at Faded Elegance this week! 

In the beginning....

Good solid piece, but it needed a facelift!

Bottom piece.

Close up.  Kept the original hardware because it they are simple, but you could change it out easily.

I snapped a picture after I finished painting, sanding and waxing, but before I finished putting the glass back in.  It does come with a middle glass piece!

In its new home (for now!) at Faded Elegance.  I also have a dining room table and four chairs painted in the same ASCP - French Linen that would compliment this piece.  I'm hoping to get it in the store by the beginning of next week!

I hear my daughter in the kitchen preparing to make cookies!  What a treat!  I love to bake, but Chanelle has taken over the cookie baking in our household.  Bonus, because she cleans up too :)  As I watch my kids grow older and become busier with their activities and friends, I have come to appreciate our family traditions more than ever.  Even if they are little baking cookies on the first of December, or watching a Christmas movie at home on the couch the day after Thanksgiving to kick off the holiday season.  And, one that I thought my kids would out grow soon...

Advent Calendars

Of course, the ones with chocolate!

Because he towers over me at 5'8", I forget he's only 12 years-old and much a kid at heart!

I hope you all are able to take time away from busy schedules to enjoy traditions, big and small.  Thanks so much for your support!   Have a terrific week!




  1. Awesome job with the ASCP!!! Guess what is arriving today via UPS????? I'll give you one hint, you've been waiting for it!!! ;-)
    Happy Painting,
    ~The Bella Bungalow

  2. Thanks Kellyanne! I'm guessing the Cocoa is in? I need to try out the waxing brush too! See you soon :)