Thursday, December 29, 2011

Show-N-Tell, More Projects and Farewell

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  I am admiring my tree and other decorations for one more week before I take it all down.  (Yes, I'm that girl...keeping it up awhile longer :)


I started working on this project for my dad's birthday back in August.  Things got busy, and he received it at Christmas instead!  Made from a cupboard door from the home he built in 1989, I upcycled it (after the fire in 2000) into a backdrop for a picture of him. My mom took the picture while the house was in it's beginning stages.  It meant a lot to me to be able to make something from the original house.  Something he can hold onto forever in remembrance of what he built for our family.

Originally I painted it ASCP Old White, then did a second coat in ASCP Cocoa.

Added this token at the top.

Not the best shot of this, but you get the gist.

More Projects

I also finished the antique dresser this week.  Just as soon as the hutch at Faded Elegance gets picked up (yeah, it sold!), I will be bringing it in.

Painted in ASCP Provence.  Love!

And, these well-loved beauties are going in as well.  They had severe water damage on the tops, so I did a little patch work and painted them in ASCP Provence and then a coat of ASCP Dark Wax.  I was surprised that it was almost an exact match from the original.

In preparing for changing up the space at FE, I began working on this mother of a hutch and sideboard!  It is huge!  Lots of love is going into this. I will post after pics when I'm finished, but here is what they started off looking like.

Going with ASCP Old White.  I need to brighten up my space!


You may have noticed that the more recent posts have been written by me and you haven't heard from Jill for awhile.  Jill is a very busy girl and has decided to focus her energy on her other business, Easy Errands.  I know she will continue to be a success with her work there.  While, we had a blast together growing this business into what it is today, I am going to be on my own now and am very excited to begin the New Year! 

Thank you so much for following the goings-on of With A Twist!  I have enjoyed a fabulous year and I look forward to sharing 2012 with you!

Happy New Year!


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