Friday, December 23, 2011

A Little Bit of This and That

We're almost there!  Are you ready?  It's the eleventh hour and I'm pulling an all-nighter! Ok, not really...I am working for a few hours tomorrow so I will get to bed here in a bit.  Spent most of the evening wrapping and planning our Christmas dinner menu.  So excited to host my parents, sister, brother-in-law and niece!   Lots of changes to our family traditions this year, which has made it fun and fresh.

For example, we met some friends this evening for a quick gathering at a local church to see a live manger scene.  Here's a peek...

This is Two-Step...the camel :)

Another new tradition this year that I just LOVED was gingerbread houses!  My sweet friend Susan hosted a small gathering at her home where a very talented woman named Kirsten helped us create the most fabulous gingerbread houses ever!  Some were more creative than others...pssssttt...Jenny!  Check out her adorable hospital she made, which included a 'patient', a parking lot and an operating room!

Can this get any cuter?

Look closely to see her patient inside the O.R.

Molly, Susan and Jenny working feverishly to finish their masterpieces!  This is serious work!

This is Susan's tree that eventually will be on the inside of her gingerbread lights up too!

Here's my house just about finished.  Did I mention we were working on these from 10:30 am until 7:00 pm?  That's dedication :)

Complete with personalized sign, skating pond, sledding hill and light up tree!

Susan's house, complete with everything, including a darling bird house!

Molly's walls going up....

Molly's house in all its glory...

And then it happened...Molly's work of art had what Susan called a mega earthquake.  We're talking 9.2!  Poor Molly!  We felt awful!  She is such a trooper and said that although she was sick for days about this, she had a wonderful time with friends and is in again for next year!

I would need a little Christmas cheer to bring me back from something like that!

One tradition that definitely is not new to me is visiting Candy Cane Lane.  I have been going there every Christmas season for as long as I remember. 

I love this house so much!  I would give almost anything to take a tour of the inside!

My camera was acting up, but this is my favorite house.  I've loved it since I was a little girl.

This house had the most beautiful dog I have ever seen on the front porch.  He just sat there and greeted people as they walked by.  He's lucky my kids didn't dog-knap him!  He was a cutie!

After our walk around Candy Cane Lane I quickly snapped this year's Christmas card pic!  Twelve and fifteen...where does time go?  Sure do love these kids!

Amongst all of the new and old traditions, I managed to sneak away from Christmas shopping and cookie baking to start working on some pieces I will be bringing into Faded Elegance next week.  I turned on some tunes and painted away.  It actually brought me a lot of peace...something I enjoy immensely!
 This dresser is a beauty...believe me!

I promise this will look so great when it's finished!

I hope this season brings you some new traditions, as well as your favorite ones as well.  As always, thanks for stopping by!  Merry Christmas!



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