Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Arrived Early!

As I drove up to drop off my daughter for piano lessons, I spied a "FREE" sign on a piece of brown furniture along the sidewalk.  Without hesitation, I COMMANDED my son hop out and help me lift it into the van!  "But, Mom, you don't even know what it is!", was his reply.  It was getting dark so, he was right, I didn't know what it was...but that didn't matter!  It was FREE!

Christmas came a bit early!  Turns out, it was my daughter's piano teacher's, husband's childhood toy chest!  (Say that 10 times fast!).  It is solid wood, very well-loved and quite frankly, once I got the bugs vacuumed off, would have been great just left as is.  But, I couldn't help myself!  With a little ASCP, it was given a new lease on life!

My son took this and that is NOT a smile, but a grimace on my face!  Lots of dead bugs!  Yuck!

Inside wasn't any better, this had seen better days!

A little something extra special...NOT!

I still have a bit of roughing up to do, but this is basically the look I was going for.  It would be so cute with some red and burlap pillows for the holiday season!

I also brought in the dining room table and four chairs that match the hutch to Faded Elegance yesterday!  It looks so good!  I hope someone else thinks so too and just has to have it!  Wouldn't it make a great Christmas present?

That's about it for this week!  I'm half done with Christmas shopping and I'm hitting it hard tomorrow!  Remember to check out Sippin' and Shoppin' Event @ Faded Elegance in Downtown Historic Snohomish this Saturday, December 10th!  And, please vote for our space (#9) for best decorated space!  By voting, you will be entered to win a $75 gift certificate for Faded Elegance!  How cool is that?  Thanks so much for stopping in and have a terrific week!



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  1. I have the exact same toy chest! I am refinishing it this weekend! Glad I saw your post