Friday, September 2, 2011

Past, Present, Future

As you may know from my earlier blog, I spent a beautiful, relaxing week in August at a Lodge in Northern Wisconsin that was established in 1857.  Although the lodgings have recently been modernized, the guests remain surrounded by antiques and treasures from years gone by.  Some were beautiful.......

An old wooden sled

 some things were weird........

The original owner, perhaps?

and some we just couldn't figure out without asking the employees............

Turns out these are cigar rolling molds!

 But there was an interesting juxtaposition at this lodge. You get the feeling that you are stepping back in time a bit, but I noticed as I read the entries in the guest book that most people had written about their wishes for the future in the form of "Bucket Lists". To my surprise, most of them were not wishes for things, but instead for grace, strength, and other intangibles. I was so inspired by these entries that I had to share them with you here.  My favorites:

1.  Trust my beliefs
2.  Be inspired
3.  Grow old with my beautiful wife
4.  Complete 8th grade without drama (amen to that!)
5.  Travel around the world ( on almost everyone's list)
6.  Watch the Green Bay Packers beat the Chicago Bears live at Soldier Field (I take great offense to this one, as I am a Bears fan!)
7.  Live my Christian Values without error
8.  Enable my Grandsons to be men of honor, courage and humility
9.  I want to fill the bucket, not empty it
10. Spend one more day with my family
11. Have an all-nighter with my friends telling jokes and drinking beer
12.  Make my Dad proud
13.  Fill a house with babies
14.  Love my woman
15.  Be an American Patriot
16.  Get this tooth out of my mouth (a 10 year-old's wish)
17.  Date a good man ( a teenage girl)
18.  Be a doer, not a follower
19.  Keep trying
20.  Change a life

And those who did not write a bucket list left interesting messages behind, such as

"Being weird is a gift that God gave me"
"Give me a place to stand and I will move the world"
"I like unicorns"
"I am blessed"
"I am confused about some things"

and my very favorite....."What happens in Eagle Waters stays in Eagle Waters, especially when filming Parents Gone Wild!"

 If you feel inspired, share something with us from your bucket list. Have a terrific week.

Jill and Cheree

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