Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Good-bye Summer and Vintage Door Vignettes

As we say good-bye to summer and send our kiddos off to school today, I am reminded of the saying, "When one door closes, another door opens".  It's a simple saying, but it brings me loads of comfort.  We had such a wonderful summer, full of all the reunions, bbq's, campouts in the backyard, visits to the open markets, walks around the city, sunsets at the beach, concerts at the winery and just enjoying the freedom to stay up late and sleep in later.  But, as my daughter enters her sophomore year and my son begins seventh grade, I'm choking back the tears realizing there was not a lot for me to do this morning.  Aside from me making a hoagie sandwhich for my son's lunch and begging both kids to let me snap a quick picture before they walked out the door to begin their day, that was it!  That was all that was needed of me.  And, I am grateful!   I realize we are moving into a new phase in our family and my kids are doing just as they are suppose to do...growing up!  Sigh.

This new routine has left me with so much time on my hands (I kid), and in staying with the door theme, I headed over to 'Studio A' today to feature this amazing vintage door salvaged from Mount Vernon, Washington, which is just North of where we live.  We are not quite sure of its exact age, but we are pretty sure its over 75-years-old.  Take a peek at what kept our minds off of missing our kids on their first day back to school...

We hauled the door upstairs to Jill's daughter's room first.  Look at what a perfect headboard it would make!

I love the character shown in the crackle finish.

This door would also make a great accent lean-to piece.

Next to these beautiful hydrangeas, it makes a welcoming vignette on a front porch.

By the way, the 'Bonjour' sign is just one of the many With A Twist products made from salvaged wood and can be found in our Etsy's the link:  WithATwistDesigns

Doesn't everyone need a 'Door to a Secret Garden'?  This picture was taken in our friend Cheryl's gorgeous backyard.  She is an amazing artist, gardener extraordinaire and has a wonderful blog and website.  Check them both out here: My Petal Press Blog and My Petal Press Shop .

The door looked so good in Cheryl's backyard, Jill and I just wanted to leave it!
Imagine looking out at this with a fresh glass of lemonade in hand! 

As always, thank you so much for stopping in to check out what we have going on.  Stay tuned for some new products coming out very soon...hint: most likely will include something painted guessed it...Annie Sloan Chalk Paint :)


Cheree and Jill


  1. Very cool door and I love it in my garden. I'll put it on my wish list. Thanks for sharing my sites too!

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  3. I was very confused when I walked into my room today and everything was different.