Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Entryway Facelift

Hello Everyone!  I've been really excited about this week's post, as I had a lot of fun putting this project into motion.  I've been married to my husband Keith for 17 years now (counting on my fingers...has it been that long? Crazy!) and pictured below is probably one of the few pieces of furniture that has travelled with us from house to house throughout the years.  It sits in our entryway of our home and collects coats, hats, shoes, dog leashes, etc.  After looking at it closely and seeing the many scratches years of love, I realized it's really showing its age and maybe it's time to give it a facelift.  Here's how it went...

Typically, cluttered with everyone's stuff.  I like its functionality, but it's way overdo for a  makeover!

I stripped it of all its hardware and dusted it off before painting.  It's awaiting its first coat ASCP!

I chose Olive.  I love this color and have repeated it in several places throughout the house.  I was a little intimidated as this was the first large piece of furniture I have ever set out to paint.  My husband was also worried...with good reason, this was going to be fabulously fun!  Who knows what I'm going to paint next.

In the process of drying, I looked at it with a tinge of regret.  Not so sure I was sold on it.  Keith and I took it out on the back porch after it dried so that I could sand it up a bit and add the dark wax.

Moved it back inside the house after the wax had dried.  Note:  Do not try waxing inside without a well-ventilated area!  The wax is pretty strong with toxic fumes!   Just adding the hardware back on here.

I have to say, I la-la-la-love it!  The dark wax was not as easy to work with as the light wax (for obvious reasons).  However, after I played around a bit on areas that weren't so visible (up under the lip of the top), I found a technique that gave me the look I was going for.  Now, the fun part of accessorizing!

I decided to use my paint pen to write the year we purchased the piece, as it is also the year we got married.

These antique-inspired letters just came in at work and I knew it was exactly what this entryway space needed.  They are made by Aidan Gray and can be ordered through Nest Home & Gifts, Mill Creek, Wa. (

A couple of throw pillows to warm it up a bit.  I also found these at Nest Home & Gifts.  Are they cool or what?

This lantern was a 40th b-day gift from my mom.  I've been waiting to put it in just the right spot.  Inside it sits a flameless candle.  I have many of these in different designs throughout the house.  They all have timers so I have them set to turn on just as its getting dark outside.  They are my most favorite way to create ambiance in my home.  These also can be found at Nest.  Cozy! 



Just how I hoped it would be!

So, I've decided to continue tackling larger projects throughout the house.  It took all of a couple of hours to complete and the payoff is huge!  I love coming home to this little corner of coziness.   Thanks so much for visiting!

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  1. Very cool, LOVE IT!!! makes me want to stay home and paint something. My husbands not always on board with changing a piece but maybe if I show him what you have done. Thanks! Yes we should get together before summer is gone!

  2. Wow, what a lovely transformation! Very welcoming! Thanks for stopping by my blog too :-)