Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fantastic Fall Finds

 Cheree and I approached this week with sheer joy as we planned for one of our favorite activities together.....Dumpster Diving Day! We have many other fun pursuits, but those all involve wine and food.  We set off with a long list of wants and needs for the day, including used desks, tables, chairs, topiaries, chandeliers, old doors, and broken windows.  Of  course, we had sent eachother texts by 7:00 am about where we would eat lunch, an unspoken requirement for all dumpster diving days!

We have driven past a unique store in the Ballard neighborhood many, many times and always promised we would stop "the next time" to see what this place was about.  Today was the day. How can you NOT be intrigued by this giant fowl guarding the front door?

At Home and Garden Art, LLC in Seattle we found a beautiful maze of repurposed and recycled metal that kept us entranced for about an hour.  Some of our finds included........

Oops, almost lost Cheree in the maze!

A beautiful rooster repurposed with metal from New Zealand

A french-inspired chimnea

Not the most comfy bicycle seat in the world, but a cool addition to your garden!

Vintage jewelry

And our favorite......rusty stuff!

We continued on to our remaining adventures and sifted through cinderblocks, old radiators , abandoned school lockers, old trunks (some not so nice), crates, ovens, fireplace mantles, stained glass windows and anchors.

Sometimes we just stand and stare for awhile at something until it tells us what it's new purpose will be. 

In the end we scored a few things for a thrilling new chapter for With A Twist:  A permanent space in amazing Historic Snohomish, WA!  Stay tuned next week for details!  We are going to be busy and dizzy with excitement as we prepare.

As usual, we ended our day with amazing food at La Isla, a Puerto Rican restaurant in Ballard followed by a Cupcake run at Cupcake Royale. When I learned that *GASP* they didn't sell Gluten Free Cupcakes, I jokingly asked if they would squirt frosting directly into my mouth for a pick-me-up, and to my utter joy, they had already thought of that idea and prepared a "frosting shot" for me! I can tell you that the Cream Cheese Frosting is heavenly, and they even put sprinkles on top! Cheree ordered 4 cupcakes for dessert for her family, but polished off the Lavendar one by the time we got on the Highway. Must be that good!

Whether it be spoonfuls of frosting or old rusty metal,  we hope you find something this week that brings you complete joy!

Jill and Cheree

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  1. Hi there, I'm coming tomorrow night , can't wait to see your new "old" finds and what you have done with them.