Thursday, May 3, 2012

Autographed Sid Dickens Tiles!

Thursday night and we are in the homestretch for the weekend!  

I am grateful.

It's been a long week.

My sister and niece will be arriving on Saturday for some girl fun...

 (shopping, lunch, mani-pedis, etc.).

Lots of fun things planned for their stay in town.

In the meantime, did you hear the news?

Sid Dickens is releasing a new SIGNED collection of

memory blocks!



I am a huge fan of his work, but if you are new to the 'Sid world',

you can learn more about the artist and his work


I stumbled upon these when I began working at

Nest Home & Gifts

about six years ago.

Since then, my collection and obsession for

these tiles has grown.

If I had to choose just one to add to my collection,

it would have to be...


This tiny visitor,
messenger of change,
Bestirred from winter's dream
to the work of a new season,
And the passing of another page.

Nest is currently taking orders!

Hint: With Mother's Day right around the corner,

these autographed pieces of art would make a lovely gift :)

Enjoy your weekend!




  1. love sid dickens too...I have the "bird in flight" tile...have fun with the girls...!

  2. I love that tile too was my very first in fact! Hope all is well with you :)