Thursday, April 26, 2012

Inspiration Overflow

There are so many talented bloggers out there and I am continuously finding new inspiration each and everyday.  This week, I'd thought I would share pics from some of my favorite blogs I frequent.....
I just love this porch setting!  Wouldn't it be a lovely place to daydream?
I adore all of the garden elements, especially the tin wall organizer.

Umami Design
I have a wooden barrel just like the one behind the chair...

I must save my hydrangeas this year and  have this  in my entryway!

Umami Designs

I'm not one to decorate in all white, but this is drawing me in!  That sign is so cool!

Monticello Antiques

So much inspiration here...I see a future road trip in my future :)

Monticello Antiques

I love bringing fresh greenery in to add a splash of color.

Lucketts Store

I need these baskets!!!

Lucketts Store
The use of "smalls" here is just the kind of thing I need to mimic in my own larger pieces.

Lucketts Store
Good balance in this space between pieces.  I especially love the wire cloches.
I love this vintage box used as a planter.
I am still on the hunt for something like these above,

Do you see a theme here?  I am in a serious summer planting, herbs-growing mode!
Can you imagine a big bunch of white petunias overflowing this wire basket?

Speaking of overflowing...

We celebrated my son's 13th birthday last weekend.

We took the party-goers to Fatburger (where else would we take five 13-year-old ravenous boys?).

There were a lot of smiles...

A lot of 'boyish' behavior...

And a lot of FOOD...

 If that wasn't enough, when they got home they polished off 24 cupcakes, an entire pack of Oreos and a half gallon of milk!

Better them, than me.

A good time was had by all!

Hope this week finds you overflowing with inspiration :)



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