Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Break in the Northwest

We are trying to enjoy what seems to be the most cold and rainy Spring Break - EVER!  I have actually been craving sun and warmth!  (Those of you who know me, know that is not my style!)  But, with one weather system after another, we had to find fun indoor activities, while taking advantage of the sun's rare appearances.  With only a few days left of break, here's how our week is shaping up...

Yeah, that looks like Spring weather, does it not?  Ugh! 
We had high hopes that where we were headed, there would be better weather!

The beautiful Skagit Valley greeted us with puffy white clouds and bits of blue sky!

The daffodil fields were glowing!

In a few weeks these will fade away to a vast amount of tulip fields. 

We received a warm welcome when we arrived in La Conner, a quaint little town full of good eats and lots of eye candy!

I love the way this town is nestled in a little inlet and whichever direction you turn, you see beauty.

We were so grateful that the raindrops disappeared and we enjoyed walking around town without umbrellas!

This guy was such a poser, I just had to make it worth his while.

A little break between shops for ice cream in the sun!

This paper friend I am holding is a kindergarten project for my niece, Raya.  She is spending the week with us and we are documenting her excursions. "Flat Raya" as she is affectionately known in our house, enjoyed a visit to the La Crema Coffee House as we headed home.

Afternoons when Chanelle and Keiton hung out with their friends, I buckled down to get some projects done and here is what that looked like...

I found this beauty off a lead from my dad (thanks Pops!).  I had searched for a buffet with curves, but this was the first time I had found one.  I fell head over heals for sure.

The fact that the top had numerous spots like this, didn't worry me, but I knew it was going to take a bit of  elbow grease!

I chose Old White and a Garden Green combo.  It turned out just the way I had hoped.

Close up.

This will find its way into Faded next week.

I bought two bedside tables a couple of weeks ago and finally got a chance to work with them.

This handsome duo was brought into Faded today.  They would make a great addition to a  master bedroom or even an office.

Close up.

It felt good to get some work done and it only took up a couple of late afternoons....I don't think the kids noticed that we had pizza two nights in a row, although my waistline did!  Grrr...

"Flat Raya" joined us on our way to celebrate my husband's birthday with lunch and a movie in Bellevue.  We saw "Hunger Games" and enjoyed some delicious Thai food.

Not knowing what the weather was going to do the next day, we  planned to get together with Jill and her kids at the local bowling alley.

Keiton kicked it off with a strong spare!

The rest of the action pics turned out blurry, so this is the gang at the end of our bowling fun.  They were goofy and giggly, just what we expected out of this bunch!

Topped off the afternoon with some frozen yogurt.  If I had snapped the picture a bit sooner, you would be seeing all of the lovely eye rolling I received from my children when I said it was time to take a pic with "Flat Raya".  Don't they remember being cute little kindergartners?  It's for their cousin for crying out loud!

I had a little helper today at Faded Elegance.  Thank you to the nice gentleman who chuckled when he walked by when I was snapping this pic!  It made me chuckle too ;)

This is what the 'real' Raya looks like!  Isn't she a doll?  My reclaimed wood stencilled frames are new this week!

Available in four different phrases right now, but more are in the works.  Other phrases currently available:

"Je T'aime"


"Be your own kind of beautiful".

The two-tone buffet will be brought in when the grey table and chairs get picked up by its new owners (yeah!).  

I will be searching for chandeliers because the one I had sold, and because these floor lamps (one here, the other not shown) are just about driving me to drink (as if I needed anymore encouragement!).   I needed light and what can I say, they were in my garage.  I was trying to be resourceful!

Tomorrow is Friday!  I will be counting the minutes until I can sit down in the evening with my electric blanket, my menagerie of animals, and a glass of Chardonnay to catch up on all of my favorite shows.  If the kids are out of the room, I will also be putting together their Easter baskets.  It may sound really boring, but to this homebody and it sounds perfect!

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!



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  1. I love all of your current projects, simply amazing! Your Spring Break activities with "Flat Raya" made me giggle! What a great Auntie you are!