Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Floral Arrangement

I've been focusing on getting both kids well this week after they have had back to back cold/strep/flu junk.  Chanelle is on the mend, but please say a little prayer that Keiton has a miraculous recovery today and wakes up feeling 100%!  He's turning 13-years-old tomorrow!  It's no fun being sick, but its definitely a bummer being sick on your birthday!

Nothing new for furniture this week, so here's a floral arrangement I put together awhile back to bring a little color and ambiance to our master bedroom. 

The Bones:

I found the light-up stems at Joyworks, a cute little boutique

 in Snohomish.  They have all different sizes and styles. 

Mine are the multi-stem twig lights. 

There are three branches in the bunch I purchased

and I believe they were around $30.

I found the other stems and vase at Hobby Lobby,

 my new favorite guilty pleasure!

  I began with four 20"-jumbo-blossomed white hydrangeas

 ($8.99 reg. I got them at 50% off that day).

The vase measures 15" in height, with an opening

measuring 8" across.  Since the mouth on this vase is really wide,

 I had to work in the front of the vase first, filling it in

as I went along. 

I then added three 25"-light green eucalyptus stems

($2.99 reg. These were on sale too).

Five 26"-blue hydrangeas were sporadically tucked in next.
I believe these were regularly $3.99 and were 50% off.

 I love Hobby Lobby not only for inspiration, but also

for the fact that they are always having sales

You can sign up for weekly emails and receive coupons that way too!

You can try to shape your arrangement as you go along,

but if you are like me,  you will fuss with it

 until you can't see straight!

Next went the light-up stems.  These are really pliable and it

was easy to place the individual branches exactly

where I wanted to fill in empty spaces.  I knew I was

 going to fuss with it more  once I got it upstairs,

so I didn't spend much time arranging here.

Lastly, I added one 36"-white and green wispy stem. 

Not sure what type of stem it is, but it

just adds something to round out the arrangement.

I placed the arrangement on the end of our long dresser,

 closest to my side of the bed so I could

enjoy the ambiance of the light-up stems in the evenings. 

I love the peace this new addition brings to our bedroom.

It is obvious from the blinds in the background,  

our bedroom is on a long list of  "to-do's"!

The Accessories:

One of my favorite Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

from the Spring 2010 Porcellana Collection


On the back it reads...

"True love deserves neither honors nor reproaches"

You can find your favorite Sid tiles at Nest Home & Gifts,

located in the Mill Creek Town Center.

Other accessories here were just things I had around the house. 

The tri-colored porcelain ball is from Nest,

the two-toned hydrangea is from Michael's, and the necklace is from Faded Elegance.

Hope you find some inspiration here to bring a little color

and ambiance to your own home!



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