Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Projects and A Day in Seattle

Reclaimed wood frames have arrived thanks to some help from  my dad!  He did an amazing job!  These are now available at Faded Elegance.

Another new favorite in this week are my reclaimed wood word boxes.  Again, thankful my dad is handy with the saw! AND, he is totally on board with my love of upcycling!  Would you believe me if I told you some of the raw materials in these boxes once were a part of a car dealership in Lake City?  

Items are being added to this wall gallery weekly.

An "I love you" reclaimed word box in French to give to your Valentine.

The table set went to a good home on Monday, but there will be another in its place by next week.

The Tiffany blue armoire just left too this week, but there is a piece drying downstairs just as fast as it can!

I brought in a new color of ASAP this week...Old Violet (see the coffee table).  In different light it can look gray, blue or  like a periwinkle.  It's funky, but I like that about it :)

Last weekend we had a friend visiting from Florida and we thought it would be fun to head downtown to Seattle and hit some of our favorite spots.  Here's a peek at our day...

First stop, Pike Place!

I think my son is going through a stage because he is so serious in all the pics we take...believe me when I say, he was having fun and he does smile!!

So many yummy fresh fruits and veggies at the market, I could spend all day here.

There are some NOT so yummy things at the market too, like the Gum Wall!
Are you grossed out yet?

Stu and Chanelle shoppin.

After some Greek, Asian, Italian food (everyone had different cravings) for lunch (and donuts for dessert!), we headed to Starbucks headquarters to see where my husband Keith works.  It is a fairly new job for him and we had yet to see where he spends the majority of his days.

The walls are lined with amazing photos detailing the history of the building that now is home to Starbucks.

 Originally,it was the Sears building.  And, after talking with my mom, I was reminded that my grandmother use to work there in that same building back in the day!  

The first Starbucks opened in 1971, the year Worlds Fair was held in Seattle.  This is also the year I was born, so it pretty much is mandatory that I celebrate this fact and enjoy a beverage from them everyday (my husband is my barista at home, and I stop at my local SB about twice a week).  Did I mention I love coffee much? 

Keiton checking out the work space. You never know, it could be in his future too!

The interior of the building is super modern and a little jazzed out with the bright colors and industrial accents.

Past life of the building.

Presently sporting the Starbucks logo on top.  I can see why my husband enjoys work these days, its a pretty cool place.

I hope you have a fantastic week!



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