Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jardin Trésors

Hello everyone!  I'm back for a second week in a row while Jill is on a family vacation to her hometown in Chicago, IL.  I really wanted that girl to relax and enjoy her time.  However, late last night  I received a text from her saying that she threw out her back and was awaiting a visit to the chiropractor!  Major bummer to be spending your well-earned vacation in pain.  Get well soon chickie!

This morning I rummaged through my pile of junk secondhand finds in "Studio B" and decided to put together a garden vignette.  It was a beautiful summer morning, the kind that makes you want to get out early and enjoy it.

Began with a scrap piece of wood, two terracotta pots, a plain brown wood chair and my trusty ASCP (Old White) and clear wax.

I got this far into my perfect fantasy where I imagine I am making a living painting antiques, when my daughter sends me a text that reads " TODAY is the last day to turn in paperwork for the high school swim team"!  That pretty much brought me back to reality.

After a two hour dose of 'errand running 101' I was able to complete the paint job, which left the chair looking like this.

Got to work giving the whole thing a light sanding.

I even had an audience this morning.

I added a coat of clear wax once I achieved the look I wanted through hand sanding.

I took the old scrap piece of wood and gave it a coat of paint, mixing Old White with Olive to get a great shade of Garden Green.  I then free handed "Jardin" in Old White.

I left the terracotta pots as is because I love the color combo (white, terracotta and garden green).  I brought out some lavender and winter savory herbs to plant in them.  Here's where I need to ask all you green thumbs out there how to take care of herbs.  Suggestions?  We'll see how long it takes before I kill them off (I can grow just about anything BUT herbs).

Voila!  A nice little addition to my garden. 

Eventually, this little jardin tresors vignette might be broken up and displayed throughout the house, but for now its staying put.  Hope wherever you are you can get out and enjoy some outdoor projects.  And, lets hope by next week's post that Jill is back to 100%!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Cheree and Jill


  1. I love the way that chair turned out! You did a great job! I am also notorious for plant killing so I cant help you with the herbs!

  2. Cool chair Cheree! As for the herbs you are probably loving them too much!! They don't like to be wet, keep them on the dry side, not easy around here. They need a full sun spot in the garden, they won't survive in winter in those pots but will for now, just don't water them till they look dry. Plant in the ground before winter hits in a very well drained spot, maybe even on a berm so they never sit in water during our long rains and put in full sun. Neglect is what they like. Good luck!