Monday, August 15, 2011

Hidden Gem in Northwoods Wisconsin

Well, the Eagle Waters Resort must have known I was coming, because they had old doors and windows stacked on the porch of the Trading Post when I arrived!  When my husband announced that he had chosen a vacation spot 7 hours north of our yearly destination to Chicago, I was concerned about my ability to handle all that relaxation.  Those who know me well will agree.  But after viewing the website ( I was excited to see that I would have the best of both worlds--serenity and amenities!

The Trading Post is right out of the 1950's, complete with a stack of Ladies Home Journal magazines from 1951!  They have creatively meshed old and new by using antique boxes and treasures to display today's conveniences in their store.

My daughter said I literally looked like a kid in a candy store.

A variety of antiques are for sale, including soda dispensers, cigar rolling forms, a row of theatre seats, and a sled.

I was thrilled to see this old Coca-Cola refrigerator, but *GASP*, they serve Pepsi at the Lodge

Other upcycling finds included a Swinn bike used as a planter (note the old milk bottles in the basket)

Bar stools covered in Coffee Sacks.

Eagle Waters Restaurant had hundreds of antiques, a guest book that included everything from poems to drawings to well-wishes  for a fabulous vacation.  My girls drew pictures and signed in with their Girl Scout camp names, Kangaroo and Shifu, to hide their identities (why?  I don't know).

Of course, those of you who are familiar with the Midwest/ Wisconsin area know that you have to have the requisite Deer Head over the fireplace!  And while boating we came across signs for "Beer and Brats Ahead".  Then add the Friday Fish Fry special and you have quintessential Wisconsin!

Our family has had a blast here so far.  Boating, fishing, live music, horseshoes, tennis, swimming , tubing and most importantly - the friendliest people on earth! 

As the summer comes to an end, Cheree and I hope you have all had a relaxing few months and gathered some fun summer memories!

Jill and Cheree 


  1. Very Cool! Looks like you had a blast! Blasphemy they sell pepsi!

  2. It was great meeting you Jill, come visit us again next summer!