Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Day of Resting and Nesting

On a day off from work and a break from thrift store visits, I tend to do a lot of nesting.  Anyone else know what I'm talking about?  I admit I may complain how a 'woman's work is never done' (my husband and kids will back me up on this I am SURE!), but I really enjoy the days when I can clean up around the house and just enjoy the everyday blessings.  Summer is here and we have enjoyed some lazy mornings  and late nights hanging out as a family watching our favorite movies.  No hectic school/sports/music schedules = happy mama!

I will spare you pictures of me cleaning toilets and sorting through laundry, as I am sure we have all labored away doing the mundane activities of keeping a home running smoothly.  However, here are some activities that took up my day and I'd have to say...they were well worth it!

Nope!  I did not pick these...but I would have if our weather actually permitted! 

I did make homemade strawberry freezer jam...really easy and really yummy!  If you have never made homemade jam before, you should definitely try it!  My kids love it and its way cheaper than store bought.

Even though it rained off and on today, I manged to spruce up some of my annual containers outside.  New to my annuals this year, stripey petunia (that's its official name of course!).

A planter that has a bit of everything.  If I can keep the slugs away, it just might fill in and begin to look really beautiful.

Another new petunia to me this year.  When I water these, it smells like summer...fresh and sweet.

Coleus and petunias in this one.

Almost done with the front porch...the only thing calling my name is re-staining the bench that is hiding behind the lemon cypress.  And, eventually I will add a hanging planter above the bench.  But, the bench make-over is first for sure.

Dinner menu for tonight:  homemade veggie pizza and a bottle of wine.  Notice I said "bottle" - not glass :)

This was a first time recipe for me, but not sure I will make it again.  We are picky pizza eaters in this house and although I've made some good ones from scratch in the past, our favorite pizzas are always dine-out , especially Diamond Knot (the one on Lincoln Ave.) and The Rock (Lynnwood location). 

Keith topped off dinner with a sweet treat of choco-hotpots and whipped cream (no calories or guilt because it was made with love:).


....a typical end of day routine: two dogs, one cat, one laptop and one caramel latte in hand!  What am I doing?  Pinterest of course!

Here's hoping you find time to rest and nest and enjoy your blessings in your own life!  Thanks for stopping by!


Cheree and Jill

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