Thursday, June 2, 2011

Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

There are people who see the world through a different filter.  Cheree and I think we fall into this category.  Our friends think we are a little crazy sometimes, but they humor us and just go along with it. I was at a cook-out over the weekend and commented on how beautiful the burn pattern was on the wood in the firepit.   My friends thought that was a little goofy, but they embraced my wierdness anyway.  When Cheree and I  are on our treasure hunting trips we see beauty where others might not--in a rusty hinge, a knothole in a piece of wood, a handmade tool, or a broken bottle.  Here's a few examples of OUR kind of beautiful!

                 The unique shape and multiple colors of rust and patina on this hinge really spoke to us.

A hand- forged bolt on a railing at George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate.

    I bought this old wooden gutter because I loved this knothole so much!

A wall in a Church in the Jamestown, Virginia Settlement .  Ugly by today's standards, but the handmade clay bricks and  handmade mortar make it beautiful to us.

Simply a cool pattern of warped wood.
Creepy to some, but gorgeous to us.  A hand-carved gravestone/crypt in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.

Wine bottles from the collection of Thomas Jefferson at his Monticello Estate.  In person, the irridescent colors were amazing.

    A hand- forged tool at George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate.

Of course, the MOST beautiful thing in the world to Cheree and I is our family and friends. Let us know what YOU consider beautiful!

Jill and Cheree

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