Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Adventures of "Chicks With Tools!"

Okay. Let's get honest. It's June 22nd and here in Seattle our kids are still in school and it is 52 degrees!  Never-ending limousine services, High School finals week, end-of-year projects, Driver's Permits and endless sports events have brought us to the brink of tantrums.  Time to use that pent up energy to get some projects done!  Chicks With Tools to the rescue (cue Charlie's Angels Soundtrack).

Come along for a day in the life of "With a Twist" designers Jill and Cheree, or as we like to refer to ourselves,  "Twisted Minds".  Today we are working at Studio A.  Okay, it's just Jill's garage.

First, it is imperative to begin with the caffeinated beverage of your choice!  Energy is key! Cheree has so many words in her beverage that I can't remember them. Something like giganto, super chocolate, mocha choca,  low-fat, vegan-something with sprinkles on top.  Mine is simply called "Awake" tea.  Why is she pointing that staple gun toward her face I wonder.  More caffeine needed?

Next, meet "Jaws".  Tackle his projects first while the "mocha-choca"  stuff is still in your bloodstream.  By the end of the day when we are dragging anchor some part of us might get cought up in there and get ripped off!  Today we cut old staircase spindles to create some cool candlesticks.

The glamorous life of the Vintage Upcycling Artist involves scraping your fingernails off to make little things like wood plugs to cover up your screws and make everything all pretty.

Here I am pounding that fingernail ruining thing into place to complete production before Cheree paints the candlesticks.  Why am I Sideways, Cheree?  Too much beverage perhaps?

Next, find
a sad looking hunk of wood with no personality, grab some paint and rope and..........A STAPLE GUN
  ( Hooray for Tools!) 

Put Cheree to work pointing that Staple Gun in the right direction..........

 We should have turned our heads away because occasionally the staples "misfire", an alternative word for "crap, how did that happen?"

Finally, reward yourself with your favorite non-caffeinated beverage on your beautiful new tray!  Simple as that! 

Okay. Now it's time to
get dirty and sand some old barn wood . Don't be hatin' on our gorgeous facial accessories. Safety first ladies!  (Keep an eye on that door in the background. You'll see it later when Cheree and I have relaxation time).

Pass it on to Cheree to do the hard part-- Using an Electric Drill
(Hooray for Tools!!)

Wow!  Who looks that good while working?  Seriously.

Look what Cheree created with a few simple materials! And POWER TOOLS. A cool organizer for mail, lists, garden gloves or pictures of your kids (pre-Driving Permits.)

Remember those tables in the background in the garage (oops, Studio A)? Find the most beautiful, aged, well-worn, high personality door you can and give it a second life as a ......Wet Bar. Invite your friends over for Cocktail Hour and celebrate a productive day with tools. Thanks Diane for celebrating with us!

Display your favorite flameless candle on your new candlestick and relax in a hot bath to soothe your sore muscles. (Nest Home and Gifts, Mill Creek, WA)

Have fun and be safe out there, Ladies!  Hooray for tools!

Jill and Cheree


  1. Looks like you two really enjoy what you are doing!
    The ideas are great and the outcome of the finished product are fabulous!!

  2. Always fun to live next door to your "studio" so I can see first hand what you two are up to next, love your creations.

  3. The vintage door is my hands down favorite in your Etsy shop. (well that is if I have to choose because it's all awesome!)