Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Boldly Repurposing

My husband is a die-hard Trekkie, so when Cheree and I found this beautiful, classy decoupaged Star Trek plaque at a second-hand store he was ambivalent.  He tried to hide his excitement about this treasure, but was soon deflated when he learned we had PLANS for it........yes, big plans!

"I'm a Doctor, not an upcycler", said Dr. McCoy
Even he can't save this patient!

Recycling surgeons to the rescue!  Cheree and I consulted with eachother and developed a new vision for this beauty. Our Goal:   To go where no" upcycler" has gone before.

Beam me up to Paris, Scotty!

Yes, my husband is upset at the "desecration" (his term) of this memorabilia, and even suggested that we had actually lowered the value of this piece of junk. But he's not on the payroll.

Let your mind envision new frontiers and get out there and create!

Have an inventive week!

Jill and Cheree


  1. You crack me up! The surgery was a success! I love the new look! ;)

  2. Thank You! Never a dull moment around here!

  3. I like the new look much better even though I am trekie!