Thursday, May 19, 2011

Garage Sale Finds and New Projects!

Jill and I have been busy as ever with our families, jobs, and this biz, but manged to squeeze in a Saturday morning of garage sales!  Although we didn't find a ton this time around, we still had a blast!  Here's just a peak at what we found...

This is Riley, my new rooster.  Actually, he's my first!  He is proudly sitting upon an old bread round from Britain.  The lovely and talented lady whose house was our first stop on our garage sale outing,  just gave me the bread round!  Hopefully, you will hear more about her in our blog (possible interview in the future? hint, hint).  She is absolutely amazing!  We also snagged a pretty cool sconce from Europe, however I neglected to take a pic of that.  That will be a follow-up post!

This ole' burlap coffee sack was a great find.  I already have plans for it!  We also found a roll of plain burlap that Jill took home with her today.  She has something really cool in mind for it as well.  Stay tuned!

The great thing about owning a business that recycles/upcycles/re-purposes junk (for lack of a better word!), is that everyone can help scout out raw materials.  For example, awhile back my dad came across some beautiful old barn wood over in Island County.  It was perfectly weathered and thank goodness he thought of his favorite daughter's thriving business (haha, running family joke there-Love ya sis!) and snatched it up for me!  Jill and I have waited and wondered just how we would use this piece.  Here's what we came up with...

This would be perfect in a garden or indoors in a kitchen nook.  Notice the arrow shape. You can point the way to your own Parisian escape!

The other projects we are wrapping up with are upstairs (fondly known as Studio B) and will be unveiled very soon.  Until then, go out and find some garage sales!  They're a ton of fun and you just never know what you'll find!

Cheree and Jill

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