Thursday, February 21, 2013

Trip of Treasured Finds

My husband and I just returned from a quick

trip down the Washington-Oregon Coast,

where I not only found some great loot

for my space at Faded,

but also managed to stumble

upon what just might be the most

beautiful places in the Northwest.

 First up...just along the Columbia River past Camas, Washington.

 Cape Horn

 The lookout was a small spot, but attracted many gatherers,

all of whom were in awe of the vast view of

the Columbia River.

 Travelling along side the Columbia River, on Hwy 14, you will

stumble upon this...

the third oldest bridge on the Columbia

Bridge Of The Gods

 This bridge links Washington to Oregon.

 The views to each side of the bridge were


After crossing the bridge into Oregon,

we headed towards Portland and ran into

one of my husband's "must do's"

for our getaway...

Multnomah Falls

 Those who know me well realize

hiking was NOT on my "must do"

list for the weekend, but

with much encouragement and husband got his way!

And, I admit, it was well worth it!


Next, it was onto our hotel...

McMenamins Edgefield, Troutdale

 After checking in, we were off to

explore the grounds and enjoy a bite to eat at

Fire Station Pub



a dip (okay...a long soak)

in the outdoor salt water

soaking pool. (We waited til dark and enjoyed it


We ended our evening with a sit down movie in

their theater.

We watched "This Is 40" and laughed

throughout the entire thing.  So funny!

We woke up refreshed and after a quick breakfast we were off

to do more junkin! 

This is how we travelled home!  Thank goodness we didn't

have the kiddos with us!

Here's how I made it all fit at

Antique wooden yarn spools

Adorned yarn spools

Rusty tin pail

Antique children's rocker

Rickety white picket fence upcycled into coat rack

For my coffee luvin' friends...a coffee filter lamp :)

An assortment of large painted frames

A fun collection of antique travel cases.

We wrapped up with weekend with our

kids, my parents,

and this lovely view of the mountains

and Lakebay.

Cheers to being surrounded by such beauty!

Have a terrific week!


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  1. looks like it was a wonderful trip - I have travelled that way many a time - it is so lovely!
    and I love what you did with the crochet spools all "adorned" fabulous!