Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Vintage Market & Design Furniture Paint

I'm having a little love affair
with a NEW...
paint line
You can read all about it

Top Five Reasons I adore this line:

  1. Price - Less expensive than any other brand out on the market.
  2. Drying time-I paint a ton of furniture and the shorter drying time helps me increase my productivity.
  3. Durability-This dries harder than any other paint, which is KEY when customers really are looking for something that will stand the test of time.
  4. Wax-Goes on smoothly and leaves NO fingerprints.
  5. Safe - Non toxic, no odor, low VOC
Oh, and it's made in the USA (I know, that's (6), but I could keep going...really).

So, are you wondering how the paint looks?

Check out this vanity I pulled out of an old barn.

This darling was so sad and in need of a good

scrub and facelift.

Nearby behind an old cabinet was the mirror (also in need of TLC).

I wiped it down really well to remove years of dirt and grime,
but other than that there was no
need to prime or sand (this is another reason to love this paint).

This beautiful color is 'Twig'.

I finished this piece (including sanding, waxing and
changing out the hardware) in about two hours.

I love the way it came out, but it needed a seat.

I had an old chair kicking around in the garage,
so I put a new fabric on the seat and painted it
to match the mirrored vanity.

It turned out to be a great accent piece, but
it wasn't a perfect fit.

I had my parents visiting this weekend, and my
dad pointed out that although it looked nice,
you couldn't fit the chair in close to the vanity.
Leave it to him to be so practical :).
So I went junkin and found a smaller seat.
I redid the cushion, painted the legs and brought it
all into Faded Elegance today.

It all ties in together now (thanks Dad for the suggestion)!

If you are interested in checking out this new paint by Vintage Market & Design,
you can visit this darling store in Mukilteo called Beach Glass Interiors.

You can read about the brains and beauty behind the scenes at Beach Glass

Please stop in and tell her I sent you!


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