Wednesday, June 26, 2013

While The Kids Are Away...

Both of my kids are traveling right now, which theoretically
leaves me lots of time to wrap up projects that have been
left in the "when I have more time" pile.
My really good friend, Kirsten, asked me if I would
make a sign for her that she had seen in a store on the
other side of the state.

(At one of the many New Year's Parties we've attended...lots of fun times)
Kirsten's son, Griffin and my son, Keiton. at their recent 8th Grade Bridging Ceremony.
Right now these two friends are
travelling around D.C. and New York with 45 of their classmates!

Anyway, it was one of those, "Oh, I wish I would have
bought it" type moments.
However, she really wanted something unique and
asked if I would be up the task of making her one.
She sent me a pic and I was like, "oooh...yeah, this will be fun!"
So, I set out and did some research on how to
put my own twist on this sign she had fallen in love with.
Many, many months later (thanks to my dad, who had
agreed to frame it out for me AND who is
always working on a project and can never sit still, wink, wink),
I dropped it off with her today!
She loves it just as much as I do!

I made two, just because she was working with a space in mind and
I wanted to give her another size option...just n case!

I love that you can pick any phrase, font and size!

I brought the other one into Faded today and here's how it looks...

This antique door had been sitting in my garage
forever and I decided to brush on a light coat of
Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint-Shutter Gray.

So, even though I am without the kiddos for a few more

days, I am managing to squeeze a little play in between


Here's my husband and I on our way out of town

to Westport...

Might as well take a little vacation for us too, right?

Have a fabulous week!!