Saturday, November 3, 2012

Forever Grateful

Happy November!

Hope everyone survived all of the sugar and spooky costumes!

My kids didn't go out trick-or-treating this year.

At ages 16 and 13, they were happy with a yummy

home-cooked dinner, pumpkin dip with graham crackers and apples,

and helping pass out candy.  

We had so much fun looking at familiar costumes,

it brought back many warm memories.

This week, my days have been consumed with gearing up for 

In addition, Nest Home & Gifts is also

getting ready the open house there as well!

(no all!)

I let myself get so frazzled this time of year and rarely 

achieve everything on my to-do lists. 

It always goes by way too fast.

There is at least one day where I feel like, 'hmmm...I could have done that better".

BUT, this holiday season, I am trying something a bit different.

I started off this month focusing on being grateful.

There are many blessings in my life, most important being

the health of my family.  

When it all comes down to it, heading into the holiday season

should be a reminder to all of us that it's the perfect time to 

focus on family.

I am blessed with a happy, healthy family...

and for that

I am forever grateful.

Cheers from my family to yours!


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