Tuesday, March 6, 2012

And...I'm Back!

Hello Everyone!  It's been awhile, and I'm back!  I could say I've been away on a sunny vacation, or that I have been whooping it up celebrating With A Twist's first year here on Blogger, but too many of you out there know the truth!  I've really been busy working on some new techniques for re-finishing furniture.  I'm loving that I can play around with pieces and if I don't like the result...sand it and start over.  Most of my time has been spent ramping up for Spring, which includes deep cleaning, purging and organizing the entire house!  UGH!  I procrastinate on getting this task started, but once I get going, it feels so good!  Thank goodness for Chanelle, she also loves doing this type of thing! As for my husband and son, well, that's another story!  We all have our different strengths and I guess that's why we can make it work :)

Speaking of work, I recently scaled back my hours at Nest, which is allowing for more time to focus on being a vendor at Faded Elegance.  This is exactly what I needed to do, but it's going to take some time to get use to the new schedule.  I've worked at Nest since 2006 and while I'm still going to be there two days a week, I'm really spinning my wheels trying to make good use of my time.  I have the best of both worlds being involved with these two amazing stores (and owners) and for that I am truly grateful!

Since I posted last there has been a ton of product moving out the door (yippee!), so it's been really exciting!  Here are what things look like now....

This is a custom dresser that I found for my hairdresser.  She recently found out she is going to be a grandma! 

This will be in her new granddaughter's nursery!

After all the 'baby talk', I searched for a rocking chair and found two!  This is the first one, which is in great shape.

I painted it in a French linen, just in case it finds a home in a room other than a nursery.  It would really make a sweet little addition to any room.

It makes a nice vignette with the French linen dresser too!

This picture gives me hope that Spring is around the corner, despite the that buses were on snow route this morning!

Solid wood coffee table and two-toned dresser still available!

Handmade greeting cards, 'old violet' coffee table, shelf/necklace-holder, French label box and a rustic white side table.

Reclaimed wood word boxes...

Available in a variety of quotes, sizes and colors!

I have a plan for changing up this little nook, let's see how long it takes to put into motion now that I've put it in black and white!

Pennsylvania Dutch table with a poly-finish for durability, vintage candy dishes and much more await you!

Despite being a little off my game, it's been a great couple of weeks!  I would love to hear from you if any of you have any questions or custom requests!  If you are too shy to post here, send me an email @ withatwistdesigns@gmail.com . 
Thanks so much for the taking time to stop by!


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