Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Snow 2012

Here in our little corner of the country, we rarely get large accumulations of snow.  Forgive us if we get a little crazy and close our schools when we have but an inch covering the ground.  It happens, yes, I will admit.  However, this first snow of 2012 brought 9 inches to our neighborhood!  We are on our second snow day and there will be a repeat tomorrow I have no doubt.  Bring on the sledding, snowman making, cooking baking and lazy-day movie watching because we are going to enjoy it!

This is the view off the back of the house.  Surrounded by "the forest" as my youngest used to call it, the pond is home to an abundance of critters...especially in the Spring when hundreds of frogs take up residence.  For now, the neighborhood kids (my son included) use the heavily treed area for air-soft wars and flashlight tag.

This is the backyard where our two Pomeranians usually run around.  However, considering the snow is deeper than they are tall, they are inside enjoying their entire family being home.

This is the view out my family room windows.  The snow just makes everything so beautiful!  

I have managed to use these days at home to get some projects done that I have been working on.  First up, a five drawer dresser, solid wood, no scratches or dents.

I chose Annie Sloan French Linen.  I snapped this pic before I began to sand.

 I love the way this piece sanded down.  It was a fun project for a snowy day.

The close up pic prior to this one is a more accurate show of color, my flash washed this pic out.  However, this is how it looks from head to toe :)

And on the second snowy day...

This larger six drawer with a nook is my favorite piece to date (I know I have said it before, but I just might shed a tear when it sells)!  I want it for me!  Is that so wrong?

A mix of Paris Grey, Old White and Provence created a Tiffany Blue that I fell in love with.

This piece would be perfect in a nursery or a master bathroom/bedroom.

I think I'll sit down in my favorite chair, look out at the scene above, have one more cup of cocoa and watch one more episode of American Pickers before tackling the dishes in the sink!  It's a snow day for crying out loud!

Thanks so much for stopping by and stay warm and safe this week!



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