Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Get Inspired!

It has been another productive week!  Hope everyone is keeping a positive outlook with ALL of this rain, wind, thunder, lightening and hail!  Spring has got to be just around the corner, right?  Jill and I boosted our spirits when we visited one of our favorite locations where we love to hunt around for inspiration.  Here's a brief look at what we found...

Vintage back plates of all colors, shapes and sizes.

A little eye candy for the vintage obsessed!

Tons of beautiful old window panes.
In between raindrops, we meandered around town and took in the sights of the city.  We discovered that inspiration can come in many different forms!

Inspiration from an old historic building.

Inspiration from a local landmark.

Inspiration from a stroll along neighborhood shops.

These were all pleasantly interesting and evoked great ideas and got those creative juices flowing.  However, our inspiration of choice on this particular day came in the form of a new found treasure for us...

A  "work  lunch"!  This place was a tip from the workers at our  favorite supply store.  There's nothing like a little brainstorming over fabulous Puerto Rican cuisine!

No matter how busy your life, no matter how depressing the weather, go out and find something that lifts your spirit and inspires you!  Its worth it!

Have a happy week!

Cheree and Jill

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