Thursday, September 19, 2013

Queen Bee French Flea Market

Way too much fun last weekend at
The Queen Bee's French Flea Market!

If you haven't yet met the wonderful ladies (Kim and JoNell)
who put this show on, click here to learn about them.

The venue for this event was the Schilter Family Barn.

As you can see, it was spectacular!
Vendor booths were top notch, including the one designed by

my friend and Owner of Faded Elegance, Kimberly McIlrath.
My pictures were taken with my phone (which is a dinosaur, NOT
a smart phone), so it doesn't do it justice...but you get the gist.


Kimberly, Owner of Faded Elegance and Kaite of Inspired by Ellee.
There were well over 600 guests and I am sure
everyone, including me, was impressed!
My buddy Katie of Inspired By Ellee

and I drove down together and met up with Kimberly on Friday.
Kim and JoNell (organizers of the event) graciously put us up in their
Queen Bee Cottage Retreat.  
It was the most beautiful cottage!


They rent out the Queen Bee Cottage for events.
If you want to treat yourself you should look into contacting them.
Click here to visit their Facebook page.
Not only did we have the best sleep ever (the down comforters were dreamy),
but we also met new friends from Enumclaw.
Bev and Cindy were a hoot! I mean, belly bustin', laugh til ya cry
good ole' fun girls.
They were quite the attraction with their 'Glampers'!
This one is Bev's...

And this is Cindy's

We were feeling a bit sheepish after our night of fun, but these troopers (Kimberly included)
were ready to hit it the next day. So fun!

A ton of great finds for everyone and I could totally
appreciate the time and hard work put in by everyone.
It was a memorable weekend!
Back at Faded Elegance, I spent Monday trompin in with new treasures!
I adore this French bee hive basket!

I was lucky enough to find two of these cool tea crates.
Anyone who knows me, knows I have a thing for chippy doors.

Bought this from the nicest lady. Isn't it cute?
So, next time you hear about the women of Queen Bee Cottage Retreat
or their Queen Bee French Flea Market,
You won't want to miss it!


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