Friday, April 19, 2013

Birthday Week

My how the week has flown by!
We celebrated my son's 14th birthday
last Saturday and went to see the movie, "42".
Loved it! 
Go see it!
He saved up for his first bass and after countless trips to Guitar Center,
he decided on this one.
I can't believe he is 14 already...
he's our youngest, but yet he towers over almost
our entire family (catching up with his dad!).
Then, my birthday was on Monday and my feet haven't
touched the ground since!
I wish I could say I was celebrating all week, but
I'd be lying~
It's been so busy at Faded, I think all of the dealers are
ready for a vacation!
After what seemed like weeks of shopping,
I managed to finally find the perfect accessories to fill up
the white hutch!

These "birds of paradise" dishes are so pretty with their
blue and cream them!

My friend Katie, of Inspired By Ellee, and I are 'neighbors'
at Faded Elegance and we (she - I helped by holding the ladder lol)
 put up a ladder spanning our two spaces last night.
 It looks awesome!

I snagged a quick before pic of an antique telephone table.

I threw together a little Paris-inspired look with a handmade
burlap pillow (note to self: by a sewing fingertips are trashed!)
 and a coat of MMS paint (typewriter) to give it a very chic look.

I don't know if it's been all of these projects, the monotonous rain,
or the fact I spent yesterday touring the
University of Washington Campus with a bunch of eighth grade students,
but I am so completely
grateful it is Friday...
I'm going to go take up residence on my cozy couch for the rest of the evening~
Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. Love love love the phone table, amazing work Sis! You have had a very busy Birthday week! Do some relaxing tonight!